Sara Campbell Yoga for Freediving course release

World Champion Sara Campbell launches first ever Yoga for Freediving online training programme “It baffles and confuses me that the single most important aspect of freediving - our mind - receives by far the least attention in any certification or [...]

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Introducing Scotland Freedivers – the newest Apneists UK club

Scottish Freediving Club I have been a Scuba diver and snorkeller for over 20 years. I met my first real Freedivers on a course in 2003 at the 28 metre deep SETT in Gosport. Howard Jones, Lee Donnelly, Hannah [...]

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Diving around at the Farne Islands and along the Northumberland coast

Farne Islands Freediving A common question I am asked by new divers….. Where is the best place you have dived in the world? It is a great question, an honest question, an inquisitive question and awaits a passionate answer. [...]

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