Blue Shark Freediving Trip with Apneists UK

We are running a Blue Sharks Freediving trip on Thursday the 29th and Friday the 30th of August 2019 freediving ‘hopefully’ with these magnificent photogenic cuties 😊

I have picked the time of year for the most likely opportunity to spot them. I know three groups last year who used the boat who were successful in seeing them..

Freediving Itinerary

The rough itinerary will be to meet at the Mountbatten dive centre in Plymouth for around 0730 with ropes off on the pontoon at 0800 so likely accommodation the night before is recommended. It takes around an hour and a half to get to shark site at which point they place chum in the water and wait. (The sharks aren’t fed so don’t associate the trail with food, they just follow the trail)

The boat you will be working from is the dive boat Eclipse, a 10m long RIB with a small wheelhouse, toilet, hot tea/coffee facilities and a microwave/ oven on board should you require. There is also a large kitting up bench.

In terms of the sharks showing/not showing, there is always a possibility they won’t turn up, however this is very rare, generally the day will last around 6-8 hours depending on how long it is before the sharks turn up and your in water time. I have also deliberately made it a 2 day trip to maximise the possibility of a sighting.

Freediving trip with Blue Sharks

Freediving trip cost

It will be £150 per day, per person for the boat. With a maximum of 10 persons on board. Cost for the boat is high due to the fuel intensive nature and length in time of the trip.

They offer accommodation at site at the Mountbatten Centre and also at a great pub just around there corner called the Boringdon Arms. They price their accommodation prices on twin or triple room shares and the cost of this is £30 per person per night and can be arranged through me. I am getting other alternatives together too.

They do have the option of single occupancy rooms and also en-suite rooms. The single occupancy supplement is £30 per night extra (this is because they are charged for a room not per person) and the en-suite upgrade fee is £10 per person per night.

I do highly recommend booking the accommodation through me as the cost is the same as booking direct but we have the ability to change the date of the accommodation should the weather take a change for the worst. If you want higher quality accommodation I appreciate that, but it may be harder to swap it with weather changes.

I think this will book up quickly, give me a shout if you want in. Add your name below if you are interested so I can start to gauge numbers. I will only invite club members initially, then open it up to other groups if it isn’t filling.