Capernwray Dive Centre our freediving training site –

is a large flooded former limestone quarry, presently operated as an inland scuba diving site, near the village of Over Kellet, Lancashire. It was opened for diving in 1995 but we were diving it since before that before it was an official centre.


Freediving centre

Used as a freediving, snorkelling, open water swimming and SCUBA training centre, Capernwray has a range of depths to 21 metres (69 ft). There is a small dive shop, with a filling station providing air and nitrox as well as a licensed restaurant. There are changing rooms, toilet facilities and a couple of small showers.

The experienced staff are friendly and on hand to help out in any in water, or out of water situation meaning it is a very safe and well organised place for training

In the water

In the water there are two sets of training platforms with levels at 2 metres (6 ft 7 in) and 6 metres (20 ft). As well as being stocked with fish including trout, perch and several sturgeon, the underwater attractions include:

Freediving wrecks in Capernwray quarry

Freediving wrecks in Capernwray quarry

  • Numerous boats, including the former minesweeper Podsnap
  • A medium range, twin turboprop airliner (a Hawker Siddeley HS 748), a Cessna 150 light aeroplane and two helicopters
  • A vidor diving bell
  • ISO shipping container
  • Two plastic horses
  • A small yellow submarine in the style of Thunderbird 4
  • A devil statue
  • Two plastic pigs
  • Various garden gnomes


Visibility in the quarry varies, but can get exceptional as some of the pictures show:

Freediving Capernwray

Freediving capernwray


Drone video of the diving site

Here is a video of Capernwray freediving centre from 2020 taken by

Steve Millard of Apneists UK freedive group:

We look forward to seeing you there

Freediving a plane at Capernwray quarry

Freediving a plane at Capernwray quarry


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