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Steve Millard is a key figure in the UK Freediving community. When not writing he is an AIDA and PADI Freediving Instructor Trainer and member of the AIDA education commission. As Apneists UK Head Coach he trains many of the up and coming new Freediving talent in the UK. He ran all of the UK National pool and depth championships from 2010 to 2017. He now also leads the Performance Mermaids group

Review of the Salvimar One Freediving computer

The Salvimar one Freediving computer: Is a multi-functional apnea computer aimed at Freediving and Spearfishing groups. It has all the normal functions you would expect of a watch like time, date, stopwatch, countdown timer, dual time and alarms and [...]

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Salvimar Fluyd Pure Swim Man 2.5mm One piece wetsuit 2.5mm

Salvimar Fluyd pure swim 2.5mm Review. This suit was designed for sea swimming, snorkelling, triathlon, swimming pool use and Freediving disciplines. This is another really good quality product from Salvimar. The company is always careful to make sure that [...]

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Where is the best place you have dived in the world?

A common question I am asked by new divers….. Where is the best place you have dived in the world? It is a great question, an honest question, an inquisitive question and awaits a passionate answer. My answer, there [...]

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Merthology Creations silicon mermaid tail review

Review of Merthology Creations custom silicone mermaid tail.   Mermaiding in the UK is becoming more popular, and with it an industry is being built around it. Education, public performances, trips, children’s parties and with this happening the budding mermaids need quality [...]

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