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On the 6th July, 2014 Rebecca Coales has taken the previous female DYN record to 179m at the Life Leisure, Grand Central 50 metre Pool in Stockport. For those new to Freediving, DYN is swimming as far as you can horizontally in a swimming pool with a mono fin or bi-fins. In this case it was a mermaids tail!

The record had previously been held by Ruth Griffin, incredibly since 2009. Rebecca with a very comfortable dive beat the 175m that was on the board, which looking at how comfortable she surfaced is well within her limits. The whole dive took 2 minutes 36 Seconds.

Previous to the 2009 record, another female Freediver training at Grand Central pools had held it before Ruth. Mandy ‘ the mermaid ‘ Buckley. It really shows the influence this training facility has on UK pool Freediving, and as a cross training tool for the depth Freedivers. Many champions and record holders have been coached there. It is fitting as it is a centre of excellence with the amazing swimmers from Stockport Metro training there.

Rebecca is a founder member of the Bristol Freedivers group where she trains with friends. She was a relative newcomer to the competition circuit, only starting to explore her potential in the last 18 months starting with a no-fins clinic, and mono fin clinic with Steve Millard of the Apneists UK group , based in the North of the UK. Rebecca runs the Yoga website and courses which is the perfect cross training for Freedivers. And trains with Bristol Freedivers regularly.

Rebecca received some sponsorship goods from Aqua Sphere UK as this is her prefferred suit manufacturer for the longer pool dives. She wears an Aqua Sphere Aqua skin suit, which is ideally suited for this type of diving.

Record attempts can be organised for those wishing to gain National records in the UK. Please direct any enquiries to us via the contacts page.


Thanks to the team who came and supported Athlete Rebecca Coales, and Coach Steve Millard at the event.

International Judge: Gary Lowe

International Judge: David Tranfield

Safety Diver: Rebecca Warren

Safety Diver: Matthias Ruttimann

Surface video: Paul Butterworths GoPro2

Videographer / Photographer: Martin Toole – Website

Photographers: Frogfish Photography – Website

Photographer: Dean Martin, Aqua Sphere – Website

Medic: Rebecca McCabe

Surface Coach: Steve Millard

Thank you to the management and staff of Life Leisure, Grand Central Pool for their continued support and hosting of this event. Please visit link below for more information.


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