UK Freediving depth Championships 2012

Freediving competition announcement by Steve Millard:

The date will be the weekend of the 26th/27th May 2012. There will be a social dive, and practice for the event the day, on Saturday 26th May and a meal on the Saturday night. It is my Birthday in May, alcohol and a new wetsuit would be a good present, thanks. Fees payable to Salt Free freedivers for the Saturday meet. The competition will be small, over one day, Sunday 27th May. It will be held at the NDAC Chepstow

This is an AIDA Ranking Social Event so that we can get together, those who cannot get abroad for points to try and get on various squads can compete, and hopefully a few newbies can take part. Very limited numbers.

It once again will be a joint venture between all groups in the UK hopefully. Sam Kirby of Salt Free freedivers will be looking after you all on the Saturday dives and organising the social on the Saturday night at the Boat In Chepstow. She will also be the judge on the Sunday so look after her 😉

Already some of the no tanx crew and those loosely attached to the club have kindly offered to help out and compete. My own club, Apneists UK will be in attendance in various capacities. We are trying to tempt the Scottish Freediving kilt wearers down, they still have their ten pound notes clenched firmly in their hand after ‘almost’ attending last time. Basically, my main motivation is getting anyone who can make it there. If you cannot compete, please help, if you can’t help, come anyway and enjoy the weekend. The head count at the end of the weekend is why I am organising this, trust me I’d prefer just to turn up and dive xxx

Freediving meet timings

Salt free meet, Saturday 26th May, contact Sam Kirby

Evening meal, the Boat Inn Saturday 26th May contact Sam to let her know you are coming, essential to book, she will give you timings.

IMPORTANT: 9.30am registration Sunday 27th May, first top will be 12pm.

Cost. £65 for two dives, £40 for one dive. Entrance fees to the National Diving & Activity Centre for athletes not included, you must pay on the gate, register at the building after paying. Helpers will be paid in if required (non divers are free). You must be an AIDA National member, hold a valid medical certificate from the last 12 months and bring appropriate thermal protection. There will be a swim out before your warm up time so you will be wet for around 45min – 1’00hr before your top even if you use the platform to stay out of the water. Dive conservatively, no ‘strokes’. Remember a black out gives you nil points, and in the first discipline you may be DQ’d at the Doctors discretion for the remainder of the event. Consider cold and tiredness for the second discipline.

Try and keep your AP’s similar for both dives so you can dive in the same running order so everyone gets a good rest in between dives. I can’t enforce that, but will explain how it can help everybody.

Basically i’m announcing it as a CNF/FI/CW competition. You can choose to do any of the three disciplines, or one discipline twice or one discipline once. It is as flexible as I can make it.

Please contact me on for more details. First come, first served, I cannot extend numbers like I do with the pool competition due to the nature of this competition. Thanks

Prizes. Trophies and maybe a few bits only. Attend to feel the love 🙂

Sponsors. Currently the BFA.

Steve Millard
AIDA Instructor Trainer
AIDA International Judge
PADI IDC Staff Instructor
Apneists UK Head Coach
EFR First aid at work Instructor

Results of the 2012 Depth Freediving Competition


Well, we haven’t had a BFA depth competition in the UK for a while, and its a nice way for a few of the divers who can’t get out of Blighty to get some points on the board and a very good excuse to meet old friends and make some new ones.

They say the sun shines on the righteous, and there it was, not a cloud for two days pretty much, which meant there was a wonderful feel to the whole event.

As ever the community pulled together and helped judge, safety, scuba, pull ropes, announce, man jetties and pontoons etc for our lovely athletes. Thank you all very very much!!. The athletes shone brighter than the sun and we had a slick showing with no red cards, a couple of National records from Apneists UK Mike Benke (Hungary) and some very very relaxed dives from everyone.

John Moorcroft won with two 50m dives, one was with no fins on. Tim Money finished second with two great Constant weight dives and Mikes two CNF NRs of 34m and 38m saw him finish third overall, and Chris Crawshaw getting the joint second best CNF dive getting the UK third spot. Rebecca Coales had a very comfortable dive to get the top spot for the ladies.