The motivation to become a mermaid is very individual. For some it is realising a childhood dream can become a reality; or seeing the reaction of others witnessing mythical creatures in real life. For others it is about empowerment and building the self confidence to dive with a feeling of freedom. For others it is about expressing artistic creativity and individuality – dreaming up unique outfit ideas and developing them into something tangible – effectively wearing your personality! For some the challenges of synchronicity and tricks appeal the most. For some, it’s all of these things, it’s a passion.

We have an active mermaid club in Apneists UK, we can train you to freedive safely from scratch. The best way for a beginner to start would be to join the AIDA 2* Freediver course (£125) which is a recreational course. You would then move onto the mono fin clinic / mermaid course (£125) which will show you how to use this piece of equipment very well.

This can all be done in the pool, or you can then develop your skills into open water by doing the AIDA 2* Open water section of the course (£170).

Mermaid club