Advanced spearfishing and foraging course British Spearfishing Association affiliated

British Spearfishing Association

Spearfishing course UK – North Wales, England and Scotland

Spearfishing and foraging is an environmentally friendly way of catching your food for the table. Today’s destructive, unsustainable fishing methods are simply not a long term viable option.

To safely breath hold dive requires a certain amount of skill, at Apneists UK we take qualified Freedivers (AIDA 1, SSI level 1, RAID Level 1, Apnea Academy levels for example) onto the course.

For non-qualified divers we offer an AIDA 1 Star, one day course to teach you important skills to ensure you are safe in the environment we will be taking you.

We run courses in North Wales, East England and Scotland.

All of our Instructors are approved by the British Spearfishing Association (BSA) who are running our spearfishing and foraging courses are affiliated with the agency.

Advanced spearfishing and foraging two day course British Spearfishing Association COST £250

All spearfishing equipment and course materials included. 

Price includes the AIDA 1, one-day freediving course (AIDA 1 freediving certificate or equivalent is required as a minimum).

Follow AIDA 1 Courses for more information.

Advanced spearfishing and foraging course OUTLINE

The course is two days, with theory online at a mutually agreeable time, followed by practical open-water spearfishing and foraging.

  • Outline on request


You need a decent level of fitness to join this courses. As a minimum you need to be able to swim comfortably 200 metres and 300 metres snorkelling.

You will also need to fill in a Liability form & medical form (see below) to screen for any underlying medical problems which may need Doctors advice.


Find the next available Spearfishing Course  from the google calendar below. Many spearfishing courses do not make the diary as they are run for small groups of two or three people so fill quickly. Please contact by e-mail to arrange your own personalised dates

If you cannot find any dates for the above course, please contact or call +44 (0) 7940 998915 and we will accommodate you the best we can.

NOTE: Make sure you have the correct course location as there may be a few.

2/4: PAY NOW

Reserve your spot on the course by making the corresponding payment on the next page.


When you purchase the course you will receive your Medical & Liability forms, please bring them filled in and signed on the day. NOTE: If you have answered ‘yes’ in any of the questions then you will need a doctor’s signature to verify it is safe for you to take part in freediving.


Congratulations – you’re all done. We will send you an email in the next day or two with further course information including some exercises to start off with.


John Moorcroft
John MoorcroftAthlete, Spearfishing & Freediving Instructor
Steve Millard
Steve MillardAthlete, Spearfishing & Freediving Instructor