Get the benefits of our top-selling Superstretch Gloves with added Kevlar® protection.

Please note: style may vary depending on size. One style has aquasuring around the finger seams while the other has a polymer coating, both offer long-life durability. If you require a specific style please contact us.

Available in 5 sizes, our Kevlar® Superstretch Gloves combine the comfort and dexterity that our super stretch neoprene is known for with the extra strength and protection of Kevlar®. We consider our Kevlar® Superstretch Gloves to be an ultimate combination of luxury, durability and protection. The luxurious element comes from our super-stretch neoprene which makes the gloves really comfortable to wear. The Kevlar® palm and fingertips gives extra strength and protection to these gloves. Not only does the addition of Kevlar® provide further protection but it also provides greater durability and does so without compromising hand dexterity.

The ultimate hard-wearing dive glove with glass-reinforced fingers.

Manufactured using Northern Diver’s unique and superior 4-way super stretch Neoprene, they offer the same hand protection and ease of use as our legendary Superstretch Gloves. This has enabled our new design to do away with the additional wrist strap while continuing to offer a fantastic fit. The gloves also feature our Ti-Ax™ Thermacote® lining for impressive heat retention. However, we’ve added DuPont™ Kevlar® to enhance their strength and protection for when your dive incorporates more extreme conditions. Added to this, the polymer coated fingertip seams (or aqausured seams) make the gloves more durable and long lasting in an area that can be vulnerable over time, especially in extreme diving conditions. For added grip and protection, we’ve overprinted glass fibre reinforcement on the finger pads of the gloves.

Extra strength and protection for when it counts without compromising on hand comfort, ease of use or underwater hand dexterity.

The 2mm and 3mm thickness options provide the ultimate dive glove combination of flexibility and luxurious comfort, with ultra hard-wearing Kevlar® protection. these gloves are perfect for warm waters if you’re wreck or cave diving.

Our 5mm thick gloves are designed for more extreme diving conditions or colder waters. They’re ideal when additional thermal protection is required. The resulting design makes our 5mm Kevlar® Superstretch Gloves the ultimate hard-wearing Neoprene commercial diving glove.

Available sizes: S, M, L,

Health and safety requirements outlined in Annex II of the PPE Directive 89/686/EEC are conformed to by our Kevlar® Superstretch Gloves.